Sleep and Muscle Recovery Explained

2021-02-12 - Zana Ali

How can you improve your sleep and muscle recovery?

Exercise Regularly 

One key factor that has a significant impact on your sleep quality and muscle recovery is exercising regularly. This has a positive feedback loop meaning, when you exercise you get better quality sleep, which in turn leads to better recovery which leads to better exercise performance. 

Restorative exercise

This is primarily focused on movements that enhance your joint function and increases oxygen flow. Restorative exercise helps to proactively maintain good health and muscle function which may otherwise lose joint mobility and muscle flexibility over time. There are several types of restorative exercises you can try such as Yoga, stretching, and breathing techniques. 


Try stretching before going to bed and in the mornings to increase the blood circulation and oxygen levels in your muscles. This helps your body reduce the buildup of lactic acidity. Stretching also has other benefits which includes; increased flexibility and mobility, reduces body pain, and improves your general muscle health.


Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese technique which uses thin needles that releases tension in the muscles trigger points. Sometimes the muscles get “stuck” in a contracted or lengthened state which is restricting the movement and function of the muscle which leads to pain. Acupuncture can help alleviate this pain by “opening” up the tight knots. Although acupuncture can help the symptom, it is important to remember that it is not the diagnosis. Poor posture and long periods of inactivity may lead to tightness in your muscle if you are not being cautious or aware of this behavior.

Warm shower

Temperature is an important factor that affects your sleep quality. When you fall asleep your body temperature naturally cools down as part of your body’s circadian rhythm. To help promote this transition, a warm bath or shower 1-2 hour before sleep time will actually help your body release heat and allow your body to cool down. The warm shower may also help sore and tight muscles to relax. 

Optimized mattress and pillow

This comes down to both preference as well as sleep type position. Regardless it is extremely important to have a mattress and pillow that supports your sleep type. Too hard or too soft might cause additional stress on muscles and joints. A high quality pillow and mattress is an investment you should consider to optimize your sleep quality.

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Check out sleepolis guide to see what pillow is ideal for you 


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This article is not written by a doctor. At Acies Ideal we are passionate about health, productivity, and balance. We are continuously optimizing these pillars of our lives and are sharing some of our own tips, breakthroughs, and techniques that we have tested and learned from. This may not work for everyone and we recommend consulting with a doctor to get expert and certified advice to diagnose the symptoms and get the right treatment.