Thinking of starting calisthenics? Give yourself a headstart with the essential equipment!

2022-01-13 - Keywan Shams

“Uuuhm, isn’t the point of calisthenics not using any equipment?” Well.. not really. The main idea of calisthenics is using your own body weight to exercise. 

It can be intimidating to step outside of your comfort zone and cancel your gym membership to make the switch to calisthenics. Speaking from personal experience, making the switch is one of the best decisions I've made and I highly recommend it to anyone who is considering it.

While you can come a long way using nothing other than your own body, there are definitely some tools that you’ll want to get your hands on sooner or later to help you reach your goals. 

Tools such as pull up bars, gymnastic rings, resistance bands etc. are all commonly used in calisthenics and they’re all great tools to start off with.

However, there is one piece of equipment that many people tend to overlook, and it aids in one of the most critical aspects of your workout.

“So what is this forgotten equipment?”, you might ask, *Drumroll ……………* The foam roller! 

Yes, I know... It might not sound like the sexiest piece of equipment, but it is one you should consider adding to your collection of workout gear. Let me tell you why.

Recovering is just as important as the workout

It may not be the most fun part, but recovering is just as important as the exercise itself. After all, the main reason we exercise is for the better of our health. You don’t want to see yourself getting into a great workout habit to have all your momentum ruined by injuries because you neglect the importance of recovery. 

You start every workout feeling energized and strong. That feeling should be maintained after the workout is done and throughout the entire day. Exercising isn't supposed to drain your energy; on the contrary, it should increase it. And doing so requires putting in the necessary effort both during and after your workout.

How does foam rolling help with recovery?

It would be absurd to claim that there's no other way to recover well without using a foam roller, but it can be a terrific supplement to help you focus on specific areas that you feel need some extra attention. 

Before thinking about foam rollers, ice baths, and other types of healing exercises, it's vital to have a good stretching routine before and after each workout. When you have that locked down, a foam roller will be a great product to get your hands on to further improve your workout routine.

There's plenty of reasons to foam roll. The following are just a few of the benefits that comes with rolling:

  • Relieve muscle stiffness and soreness
  • Increase blood circulation 
  • Improve Posture
  • Breaks up knots
  • Relaxes your nerves and muscles

And, on top of that, the procedure is a lot of fun! Who wouldn't want to treat themselves with a rolling massage before and after each workout?

After all, there are many techniques to aid your body's recovery, and rolling is simply one of them. Remember that foam rolling is supposed to give your recovery an extra boost to an already existing recovery routine.

There are no shortcuts to anything in life. Your body needs a balance that involves sleep, exercise, recovery and diet. Getting a foam roller won’t solve all your problems but can be a great way to help you take care of your recovery. 

When you feel like you’ve got the basics in check, we’re here to help you with the rest!